Valle Encantado is chartered as a Residential Condominium with the Cuenca Municipality.  It is located at the eastern edge of Parque Nacional Cajas, between the Tomebamba River and the highway from Cuenca to Guayaquil. It is exactly 10 miles from Cuenca’s El Centro.
We have 14 residences. Two are free-standing houses, Casa 1 and Casa 2. The other 12 residences are one-bedroom apartments, surrounding the open courtyards of Casa 3 and Casa 4. The 14 residences are separately owned and titled. Each residence has a limited amount of exclusively owned land surrounding it. The remaining 10 acres of land is owned in-common by the 14 residence owners.
Our Philosophy
We pattern Valle Encantado as a suburban, residential neighborhood — avoiding patterns typical of high-rise urban condos.  We allow considerable freedom for owners to decorate, adapt, and maintain their respective building(s) and private areas.
Condo Fees and Voting Rights
The Valle Encantado charter provides 14 equal aliquotas (monthly condo fees) and 14 equal voting rights for each of the 14 residence owners. The aliquota budget covers only the commons property, staff and services. Each residence owner is responsible for maintenance and insurance costs of their building(s), as well as maintenance of their “private area” land.
At this time (July 2019) the monthly aliquota for each residence is $165. This is subject to change by action of the Owners’ Association.
The aliquota includes water and sewer for all residences. Internet, electricity and LP gas are billed monthly to each residence, separately from the aliquota.
The Valle Encantado charter authorizes the Valle Encantado Owners’ Association, and specifies how it must operate. Every owner is automatically a member of the VEOA, and has one equal vote of the 14 total.  The Owner’s Association has the responsibility to develop and maintain its own ‘Internal Rules’, and to set operating budgets, aliquotas, and special assessments.
Private Areas and Apartment Boundaries
Regardless of the size and location of exclusively owned land for each residence, the VEOA’s Internal Rules define “Private Areas” for each residence.  The size and location of these private areas are shown on the following drawing (orange-color areas).  The drawing also shows the physical boundaries of the 12 apartments.

Private Areas

Parking Areas
Casa 1, Casa 2, and Apartment 3C each have private vehicle parking space. The other 11 apartments use parking spaces located on the commonly owned land of the condominium. It is the responsibility of the VEOA to develop policies regarding usage of these spaces.
Valle Encantado contracts with an outside administration company, which provides staff oversight, financial accounting, and legal assistance.